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We help women to have children by choice, not chance.

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we've been going the last mile to give women control over their fertility and futures

Our mission

We believe that every woman and girl should be able to have children by choice, not chance.

When a woman can control when or whether she has children, she can control her future. She can complete her education, pursue a career, run her own business or spend time with the children she already has.

We know the difference that being able to choose can make. So we will do whatever it takes to make sure that a woman can access the contraception and safe abortion services that give her control over her fertility. It’s why we provide our services in a whole range of different ways, from static centres in urban areas to mobile outreach teams who travel long distances to rural communities.

We are here for the long term. No woman who has been given access to contraception or safe abortion should ever be denied it again.

Our impact 2015

0 million

users of MSI contraception

Our impact 2015

0 million

unsafe abortions averted

How we help

We are on the ground in 37 countries around the world, going the last mile to deliver practical solutions and life-changing services.


We’re working tirelessly to expand access to high quality and modern contraception, and to offer the widest range of methods in every country we operate in.

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Safe abortion & post-abortion care

In the countries where we're legally permitted to do so, we help women to safely end their pregnancies. We also provide immediate, life-saving care for women suffering from unsafe abortion and miscarriage.

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Maternal health

Our maternal health services support women who would otherwise have no choice but to give birth without properly skilled attendants or emergency obstetric care.

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The impact of our services

Marie Stopes International provides contraception and safe abortion services to millions of women and families across the world.

2015 was the year in which we served our 100 millionth client, delivered more services, and achieved a greater health impact than ever before in a single year.

Nearly 21 million women and their partners are using a form of contraception provided by us. And in the five years since 2010, the number of women we are protecting from unplanned pregnancy annually more than doubled.

To learn more about our impact, read our Global Impact Report 2015.

Global Impact Report


unintended pregnancies averted


in direct healthcare costs averted


unsafe abortions averted


maternal deaths averted


using MSI contraception

Gifty Danwah – Market porter and client

I hadn’t used contraception before Marie Stopes. I said to myself this will change my life, and it has.

Paulina Marko Dahai – outreach client

My daughters must study. Education is the most important thing. I want them to go further than I did – this is my dream.

Philomena – young client

I want to learn how to sew clothes so I can make money and take care of my children. Having the implant will give me time to learn.

Jane Vika Alfayo – young client

I didn’t want to give birth. I just felt like I wanted to abort my pregnancy, as I was in school, I was young, and I didn’t know how to take care of a baby.

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